Prendesign is a full-service design studio offering print and web services

What We Do

It’s not rocket science. It’s design science, or so we like to think. Prendesign strives to provide beautifully crafted design pieces, precisely tailored for your product or service, for print or the web. Other than a striking product, your complete satisfaction is our most important goal. 

The Process of Our Work

Our design process is comprised of four primary steps.
we listen. Pure and simple. We hear what your goals are and design to achieve them. We begin with a company brief, our reference for learning about your corporate profile, your target markets and competition, your objectives, budget and deadlines. We also want to know your favorite colors and if you prefer serifs or sans; those little details make us tick.

After we stamp your objectives, we proceed with research and due diligence. We develop a strategy to achieve your objectives, incorporating what makes you special. After some mind mapping, story boarding and layouts, we present you with preliminary ideas and direction before we proceed to the next step of refinement.
Now the fun begins. We transform your thoughts and ideas into real life artwork. We communicate your brand, message, and positioning, boosting customer awareness and driving demand. We use Adobe software products – Photoshop to edit and sharpen your photos, Illustrator to create artwork, Indesign for layout, Dreamweaver or WordPress for website design. It is always energizing to see ideas develop a life of their own, no four-hour energy drinks needed here.

Before any piece is printed or website launched, we make sure that every item has been perfectly crafted to your satisfaction. Attention to detail is a top priority at Prendesign, as symbolized by the double dot in our name. We cross our T’s and dot our I’s twice to double-check that your product is perfect in every way.